Skye being adorable with her pouting face.

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im really fucking sarcastic for someone who’s about to start crying most of the time

by Fridaydayy

#bet you she’s looking down on him from heaven and she’s still saying the same thing (via obriensdylan)


i always prefer to be cold than warm bc if ur cold you can get blankets and tea and soup and hug somebody

when ur warm ur just like ‘ew get away from me, let me perish in my own liquids’


If you think cats can’t love you as much as a dog then you’ve obviously never had one come lay beside you and purr while you’re in the middle of a crying fit

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“@fridaydayy: @ChloeBennet4 I made this #skyeward video it would be the best ever if you watch it! …” Awesome video!

: I made this video it would be the best ever if you watch it! ” Awesome video!

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Skye & Ward | “We all wear masks”

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Anonymous asked:
I'm really glad your taking the song suggestion into consideration for skyeward even if you don't usually use those kind of songs it means alot most people would just ignore it :)! huge fan of your videos btw <3

I’m happy i get suggestions tbh :D running out of songs is my main problem with vidding! and ofc I’m happy if i can make someone happy by using a song they suggested so I really hope I’ll find the inspiration for it. 
thank you so much <3

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